Lawn Scarification Tips

Amidst of the busy and hectic schedule of a person every day, he never fails to make his place striking and pleasant to look at. Before we enter into someone’s property, usually, the first thing we notice is their garden. 
Especially the green and striking lawn they always maintain. So, are you interested in making your lawn appear that outstanding too? 
You could. If you follow these simple yet efficient tips in rasenpflege, you will achieve what you wanted in no time.

Maintaining your lawn is not as hard as you think it is. If the appearance of your lawn looks disorganized because of the thatch (parts with bare grass), you should seed over them. 
But before you do it, you should rasen vertikutieren first. It is the process raking, pulling or brushing unwanted objects like leaves and mosses off the lawn to spawn well grown grasses.
It also removes the turf to encourage new growth. But this scarification should be done at the right time. Check the grasses if they are growing strongly, if they are, it is the perfect time to scarify. This period is usually during autumn to late spring time. 
After scarification, we will notice that our lawn would look messier. But it’s alright. Actually, it is the start of the recuperation process. We should of it as a start of something new.
First, we should water our lawn to speed up growth but we should avoid over watering it. 

Over watering causes erosion of the soil that might damage the growth of the sprouting grasses. 

Next, we could also add organic fertilizers to it for growth speeding purposes. Lastly, aeration could also help. 

It would add oxygen to the soil plus it will aid nutrients to get into the soil too. Healthy sprouts will be achieved with these procedures.